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Life and safety first, prevention as a main

CTRG AB regards compliance with work environment legislation as a priority over all other objectives, with a requirement to comply with all legislative requirements.

Our objective is life and safety first, preventions as a main and comprehensive management. This gives the aim to have zero accidents and near-accidents in the company. Compliance with this Work Environment Policy is an objective shared by all those involved in the company’s activities.

All employees must participate in work relating to the work environment, and take part in the implementation of the measures needed to ensure a healthy and safe work environment for both themselves and others, and must, as soon as possible, report all environmental problems to the HSE Manager who holds specific responsibility for the work environment within CTRG AB.

The management system for the work environment shall be monitored on an ongoing basis and a programme of improvement shall be introduced if necessary.

What this policy requires is that CTRG AB shall:

  • Develop a management system for the work environment the relevant parts of which comply with the requirements and instructions of ISO 45001 - Management system for work environment, and the Swedish Work Environment Authority's provisions regarding Systematic Work Environment Management (AFS 2001:1) and the Workplace design (AFS 2009:2).

The management system shall:

  • Ensure that all aspects of the work environment are planned, and the necessary resources are selected

  • Ensure that everyone within CTRG AB understands and carries out their commitments with regards to the work environment in an effective manner

  • Ensure that Contractors and Suppliers develop corresponding processes and comply with their respective aspects regarding the work environment

  • Ensure that the work environment is monitored by means of a programme of revisions and that a "HSE KPI’s" is established for Contractors and Suppliers.

  • Ensure that measures against threats and violence are included as a part of the work environment

  • Establish, maintain and develop measures for effective consultation and communication with all parties regarding the work environment

  • Check and examine the results to enable continuous improvements. A programme of improvement may be introduced if necessary.