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Our Goals 


As a new player in the European market, guaranteeing high quality for our solutions is of utmost importance. We recognise that the products we deliver will represent us as a company and consolidate our position in the market. Therefore, to ensure client satisfaction and achieve our vision we want to build our company, we have established the following goals as focal points for CRTG's progression:

  • Recruit for local expertise

  • Build a productive workplace and work environment

  • Guide our employees to be knowledgable of the local market and practices. 

We believe that these fundamental goals will help our company in delivering excellent products and high-end solutions.

On top of ensuring product quality, CRTG also lay focus on sustainability, safety and the well-being of people.



At CRTG we are continuously and actively striving for a more sustainable future in tunnelling technology. 


We recognise the following sustainability guidelines as integral aspects of any project and have followed them rigorously in all our undertaken projects:


  • Products and materials used do not pose unacceptable risks to people and the environment

  • Resources are managed in a sustainable way and climate emissions are minimised

  • Products and materials used have been produced and handled under sustainable, fair and responsible conditions

  • The contract is accomplished in a socially and environmentally sustainable way 


For their continuous effort in finding sustainable solutions which could reduce impact on health, environmental disturbance, and material usage in the Stockholm metro expansion project 87133, the project staff was awarded “excellent” rating by CEEQUAL - a world leading sustainability assessment, rating and awards scheme for civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects. The “excellent” rating is awarded to contract teams which go beyond the legal, environmental and social minima to achieve distinctive environmental and social impact in their work.


We have identified the following sustainable development goals as being the most relevant to  operations involved in tunnelling projects: 

  • 6: clean water and sanitation 

  • 8: decent work and economic growth

  • 9: industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • 11: sustainable cities and communities

  • 12: responsible consumption and production

Therefore, we recognise these goals as areas of focus which must be tackled holistically to reduce the climate impact of our services. 


See our 2021 sustainability strategy report for our climate impact breakdown and improvement measures. 

UN goals for sustainable development

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