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Our team is currently undertaking two tunneling projects as part of the extention of the Stockholm Metro 


Since our Swedish office's establishment in 2018, we have completed three major tunnelling projects.

Sickla Station 



This project is located in Nacka where a station and corresponding infrastructure are being constructed as part of the Stockholm Metro Extension. The project includes the construction of a rock shaft for a track tunnel as well as a station hall. 


Sickla is an major hub for business and public transport. The western station exit will be built adjacent to the tvärbanan and Saltsjöbanan stations. There will be two station exits on the eastern side, one in Alphyddan north of Värmdövägen and one south of Värmdövägen, adjacent to the Sickla shopping district.

Jarla Station



This project is located in Järla where a station will be built as part of the stockholm metro extension. The project encompasses the construction of a 1.15 kilometers long tunnel and associated infrastructure, including three rock tunnels, a 230-meter-long station hall including a control room, a ventilation shaft, an inclined shaft with an escalator, a ticket hall, and an exit. The total estimated excavation volume of the tunnel is about 200,000 cubic meters. The contract value is around 600 million SEK. 

Sickla Värmdövägen Tunnel



A 550 meters long tunnel was contructed, along with two 20 meters long platform rooms and two 20 meters long service tunnels. The contract is valued at 86 million SEK and the project was completed in 2021.

Jarla Östra Tunnel



A 460 meters long tunnel plus two 20 meters long platforms and two 20 meters long service tunnels were constructed. The contract is valued at 102 million SEK and was completed in 2021.

Nacka Skönviksvägen Tunnel 



A 360 meters long tunnel, two 20 meters long train tunnels and two 20 meters long service tunnels were constructed. The contract is valued at 77 million SEK and was completed in june of 2021.

This project was awarded the “excellent” rating by CEEQUAL - a world leading sustainability assessment scheme. Additionally, this project has been nominated for the award "Construction of the Year 2022".

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