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Our people is our greatest assets

CTRG AB shall:

  • Develop and maintain an integrated management system which is designed to provide a framework for compliance with applicable parts of requirements and guidelines to be found in ISO standards and AFS framework.

  • Ensure that the Contractor and Supplier develop corresponding processes and comply with their respective aspects of the Policies and the Management System

  • Carry out regular audits regarding compliance with the system and its effectiveness, which includes the Contractor and Provider's in accordance with the Programme of internal audits.

  • Carry out a management survey every year.

  • Listen to the recommendations from internal audits as ground for development.

CTRG AB regards compliance with work environment legislation as a priority over all other objectives, with a requirement to comply with all legislative requirements.

Our objective is to have employees that:

Act safely and diligently to protect:

  • People

  • Nature

  • Property

  • Important infrastructure

  • Reputation of company

  • Act inclusive and responsible for human wellbeing

  • Are dedicated and competent

  • Act professional and reliable

  • Push CRTG forwards to a sustainable future