Client 8


A sustainable and balanced life for all

CTRG AB's objective is to help our customers today, and in the future, to supply highly specialised services focusing on the environment. Our ambition is to help projects become shining examples of sustainable development on a regional, national and global level.

This Environmental policy communicates our commitment to continually improving our environmental results throughout the entire project's lifecycle.

CTRG AB shall:

  • Apply lifecycle considerations where applicable, in all work

  • Strive to minimise negative environmental effects on water, land, soil and climate caused by our operations and our activities

  • Regularly identify, assess and reduce environmental risks in accordance with the Risk handling process

  • Actively ensure that all our employees are aware of their environmental responsibility in their work

  • Actively work with the Contractor and Supplier to minimise direct and indirect environmental effects

  • Ensure that the Contractor and Supplier develop corresponding processes and comply with their respective aspects of the Management system by ensuring certification in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard, with checklist according to environmental plan.

  • Ensure that environmental work is monitored by reports by KPI which include the Contractor's and Supplier's operations

  • The Environmental policy is communicated to interested internal and external parties.