Client 5


Resolve quickly, minimize damage and suffering

If a crisis occurs, the objective is to:

  • Ensure professional care to reduce unnecessary suffering and harm to sufferers. This applies to both employed staff and third parties.

  • Maintain confidence in CRTG Engineering AB in its own organization and abroad.

  • Maintain CRTG Engineering AB's Head quarters for maneuver during and after a crisis.

CTRG AB shall:

  • Implement incident and crisis handling plans which ensure the earliest possible identification, assessment, response to and reporting of incidents

  • Ensure compliance with CTRG AB's criteria for risk and incident handling to ensure compliance with clients needs and reporting requirements.

  • Carry out a risk assessment to identify any threats to the continuity of the operations.

  • Ensure that everyone within CTRG is fully aware of these routines and their roles.

  • Together with clients, economic counsellors, relevant authorities, the Contractor and Service Provider shall develop and incident and crisis handling plan for the continuity of the operations which meets the main threats which can affect clients activities.

  • Ensure that the Contractor and Supplier's develop corresponding process and comply with their respective aspects of incident and crisis handling, as well as continually report to CTRG incidents which occur

  • Test annually the crisis handling plans implemented, including activities with Contractors and Suppliers.

  • Make an assessment of the experiences after testing the plans and after any incidents which have occurred