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Code of Conduct

A Safe and Sustainable Workplace 

For CRTG, to be a responsible company means to behave ethically in all aspects of business, to minimize environmental impact, to set good examples in the way we act towards each other as employees and the way we treat our business partners, and to always respect laws and regulations wherever we conduct business.


Integrity is high on our agenda. There is zero tolerence for corruption, bribes and bias, which can distort market competition and obstruct both financial and social development in society. In its activities, will neither CRTG Engineering AB nor any of our employees, accept any form of undue payment, gift or other compensation that may affect, or that may be perceived to affect the objectivity or impartiality of the industry. Naturally we should not offer anyone such benefits either.

Our employees must avoid situations in which personal interests could come into conflict with those of the Administration. Neither should the employees involve private interests in the activities of CRTG Engeneering AB


The Code of Conduct sets out CRTG’s ethical standards in a number of areas. All employees must be familiar with and live up to these standards. It includes detailed policies and directives that applys to all employees and supplyers at CRTG Engineering Sweden. Every CRTG employee, without exception, has a personal role to play in maintaining CRTG’s reputation as a responsible company. CRTG is committed to foster a working environment where you feel that you can raise any issues, without fear of retaliation. This commitment shall be upheld by all levels of management.


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