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An honest and reliable way of business

CRTG Engineering AB is dedicated to this business ethics and finance policy, and expects the suppliers to commit to the same:

  • To act proffesionally and comply with all relevant competition laws.

  • Undertake to carry out business with the highest degree of integrity and ethics.

  • Comply with legislation.

  • To always act according to our integrity and professionalism and act in according to the prescribed obligations/laws in order to obtain or retain business etc.

  • To act according to our Code of conduct.

  • Report all deviations regarding compliance with this Code of conduct to a member of CTRG AB's management team.

  • Ensure that the Contractor and Supplier develop corresponding processes and comply with their respective aspects of the policy and management system.

  • Facilitate a working environment that hinders that employees are conflicted between personal interests and the interests of CTRG AB.

CTRG AB shall focus on identifying and minimising financial risks, as far as possible, and promote and guarantee a high level of financial awareness in the company.

The company must always protect its assets in order to identify and handle its financial risks effectively.

The management must ensure that staff, both those directly employed by the company and those seconded from other shareholders, are fully aware of and observe the laws, codes, regulations and ordinances which cover their areas of responsibility / activities and that any problems are resolved quickly, and if necessary are escalated to the next level.

In general, managers must look over the audit reports prepared by internal and external auditors and other local authorities in order to ensure that recommendations which cover their area of activities are implemented and maintained.